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الجمهورية العربية السورية

Damascus, Aleppo, and everything in-between

For the love of all things Syrian...
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أهلا وسهلا بكم في سوريا

This community was created for all the Syrians on LJ, for all of those who love this spectacular country, and for those who just want to learn more about it.

Syria is an ancient land home to two of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Damascus and Aleppo. Many of the great civilizations of the world have passed through Syria from the ancient Egyptians to the Romans to the Ottoman Empire. And today you can see the remnants of these civilizations scattered all around the country.

In Palmyra you will find some of the most amazing Roman era ruins in the world. On Arwad Island off the coast of Tartus you can visit the ancient capital of the Phoenicians. At Ain Dara you can see Hittite ruins that are over 10,000 years old and then, only a few miles away, visit St. Simeon, the Byzantine Era church that inspired the Haghia Sophia. From Crusader castles to ornate mosques, from bustling old cities to lush forests, Syria has something for everyone.

Although the majority of Syria's 18 Million people are Sunni Muslim, it is a highly diverse country containing millions of Christians, Ismaili shiites, Alawis, and Druze. It is also home to numerous Kurds and Armenians.

Despite what the US government and most media outlets would have you believe, Syria is a perfectly safe country to visit. Every year thousands of tourists choose to vacation in Syria and each year that number grows. Street crime is almost unknown and everywhere tourists will find the sort of overwhelming hospitality Syria is famous for,

So whether you are Syrian, a Syria-lover, or just someone who is interested in the country, go ahead and participate. Arabic and English (as well as any other langauges) are equally welcome.


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Umayyad Mosque

Citadel of Aleppo


Dead City, near Aleppo

Theater at Bosra

Cherubim Convent, Sayidnaya
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